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Our 5 Step Process

  1. Discovery: Our process begins with our clients telling us about themselves. We want to get to know them at a deeper level as individuals regarding family, business and /or career, hobbies and interests, previous investment experience, short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals and what their dreams are for living their lives. We will discuss potential needs for necessary Powers of Attorney, Legacy Planning, Education Planning, Estate Planning, & Beneficiary designations to name a few.
    We start by putting together a Confidential Client Profile. This will provide a snapshot of income and expenditures as well as any vehicles that are in place regarding wills, trusts, life and disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. We will discuss Social Security as well, if and when appropriate. We will also include any and all current investment vehicles that the client owns.
  2. Risk Tolerance Profile: One of the components of the Confidential Client Profile is a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire. This will enable everyone to agree upon an acceptable level of risk. Once this is established, we will be able to determine the level of return necessary to achieve the stated goals.
  3. Devising a Strategy: By carefully taking into account goals and the stated risk tolerance, we will review the existing investments in order to ascertain whether or not the investments and the stated level of risk are in sync. We will then craft a customized strategy selecting appropriate investments suited to achieving goals within the prescribed tolerance for risk.
  4. Investment Implementation: Once the strategy is decided upon and fully understood by our clients, we will make the appropriate investments.
  5. Ongoing Monitoring: We will regularly review the portfolio and make suitable adjustments when deemed necessary. Quarterly meetings are strongly encouraged with a minimum of one face-to-face meeting each year.

Our team is always available for questions and we look forward to speaking with our clients regularly.